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Making international calls with the regular operators can be expensive. Who would not want to make such calls absolutely free of cost? The service providers do offer such free international calls, but the actual reality is far from this. There are hidden costs and fees attached to such offers and hence their worth is yet to be proven. However, a company by the name of TALKSTER has entered this field and is providing such facilities.

TALKSTER – The Company

Before moving on further to discuss the offers made by the company, here is a brief introduction to the company. The company provides connectivity to TALKSTER users, who use IM services like Skype, AIM and Google Talk with US callers. The most outstanding feature of the service is the notification of incoming calls to its users with the help of instant message services. You don’t need do any downloads, nor requires headset. Jut register yourself on the site and get free talkster number to make free calls.

Free international calls by this manner can be made without any fuss. The VOIP industry is going to benefit highly from this innovation as the service also provides its users with free PC to phone calling facilities. There are a lot of internet addicts and TALKSTER is aware of this. In fact with this perspective in mind TALKSTER aims to provide a round the clock, round the week or you may say 24/7 internet service to such people. Use of this service does not necessitate the disclosure of phone numbers.


Services on TALKSTER are quick and easy to use. The following steps would guide the customers to use the free VOIP services to make calls:
• The first step is to get your self registered at their online site
• Making use of an ID of the IM service used, namely Google, AOL or Yahoo!, an TALKSTER id has to be selected.
• The IM contacts of the users will be added with IM bots at the time of registration.
• Or if want to do it directly from your mobile just Go to
• In both cases talkster gives you and your friend a local number to use as local number while making international calls.
• You just need call that number to tell your friend to hang up and call the local Talkster number in the SMS they were sent or on their caller display. When your friend dial back the number given back by talkster you both get connected and can talk freely as much as you want.

Advantages of this service

The foremost advantage that this service provides is the absence of any software to be installed. All calls can be received without any software installation as the Talkster numbers and the users would always remain the same despite of his location.

The other benefit includes the accessibility of local numbers in countries like UK, France, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Chile, Germany, Hong Kong etc.. In fact the corporate fraternity would be highly benefited with this service. As technology has already shrunk the world in aspect of communication, the ease of making free international calls would certainly benefit the corporate world. Just for an instance, a US client can always call his service providers prior to committing himself to a deal by way of making calls through TALKSTER. This service also provides protection by way of not disclosing the identities of its customers.

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