Telchemy – VoIP and IPTV Performance, VOIP SQmediator Application, Internet Telephony

Telchemy is a worldwide leader and the best VOIP Company. It provides VOIP solutions and services to their customers and is believed to be the first to put forward Voice and Video IP performance management technology which saves on time due to which the VOIP management protocol has been developed within the industry. It has in recent times declared the enhanced version of the SQmediator application – known as SQmediator Release 2.0.

The key element of a SQmediator application is to manage the enterprise or service provider VOIP service quality that recognizes the problems quickly due to which it is considered to be the best VOIP services available for corporate houses and business firms. It analyzes the quality of call data made from IP phones or routers. The characteristic of the Release 2.0 is that it consists of a new powerful, interactive user interface which diagnosis data and provides a high quality performance in a quicker way

The SQmediator Release 2.0 comprises of some distinctive and extraordinary features which are as follows:
• It consists of a multi-user Flash-based web User Interface that comes with clickable charts and easy navigation.
• It recommends a easy, intuitive presentation of detailed metrics
• It assists in minimizing technical expertise due to which any problem with data can be identified.
• It provides users with expert analysis of call data, a detailed description of the problems, and faster problem identification due to which it is considered to be one of the best VOIP application
• It supports new SIP summary reports along with other common reporting protocols
• It comes with an automatic function which inturn verifies and repairs the data reported through VOIP endpoints
• A special characteristic is that it consists of automatic timestamp/ time zone correction.

Hence to conclude we can say that Telchemy is the best VOIP Company which gives a wide scope of VOIP services and applications to its customers. It provides a cost effective solution for small and medium sized businesses which in turn benefits the customers by using its extended application.

The IP telephony deployment which ranges from 500 to 500,000 users worldwide is also supported by the release 2.0. It consists of hosted PBX and the best VOIP residential services that have over 10,000 to 10 million subscribers. Hence Telchemy is absolutely the best VOIP Company which provides excellent and high quality VOIP services and applications to their users.