Tpad – Free Voip Sip Phone Number – Free Wifi Mobile Calls

Tpad a UK Based voip company is one of the fastest growing Voip companies. It has adopted many unique marketing strategies to make its mark in the world of Voice Over Internet protocol market. They are running many successful campaigns in England and in the globe to become an market leader. Lets look what they offer us for free voip calls.

Talking about their marketing features, includes free mobile calls (wifi enabled mobiles), Tpad to phone Calls, Call forwarding (your calls to any mobile or phone), receiving calls from any phone/mobile to Tpad, Unlimited Tpad to Tpad calls (pc to pc calls), Free Voip Sip Numbers etc. This sip number can be forwarded to 40+ countries as your local number. This service can be used worldwide. This means the Tpad number which they give out when you sign up with them can be forwarded to your local/mobile number in your country.

The other benefits Tpad gives to its users are per second calling rates (they charge only for the time you have talked). This means you dont have to pay for whole minutes like others do, when you have talked only for seconds. You also get free voice mail inbox, free call forwarding when you are offline or away from your or phone.

To make free calls from Tpad just do regular free account creation. Confirm their sms and do configuration from your mobile or PC. Receive free Voip Sip number and make free mobile calls from your mobile whenever you are in Free Tpad WiFi Hotspot Area. You can always invite your friends and family members to create free accounts in Tpad and talk unlimited to them from Tpad software (PC To PC Calls). You can call your friend’s given Tpad number and talk unlimited at low local call rates.

You can receive their calls on any Voip Device such as Softphone / ATA / IP Phone / WiFi Mobile.