Tuitalk Free Calls To India, Free International Calls India And 40 countries

The demand of VoIP calls in India is increasing at great rates from past year. Many service providers such as MediaRingTalk and Nymgo has already realized and reduced their calling rates at cheapest rates of 1 to 2 cent for every single minute. Previously there are many people don’t even know about VoIP but now asking for best and cheap plans for India. But thanks to the service provider like Tuitalk which offers cheap calls along with free PC to Phone calls within India. It’s a VoIP Provider which is based on advertisement use to provide VoIP service to many destinations around the world. But our preferred destination is India. So it important to figure out how and what kind offree calls to India can be possible using Tuitalk. India is included in both Landline plus mobile free list.

Free National or International calling are so in demand that no matter it a regular service provider or advertisement based it doesn’t mean anything to user. As long as free calling is available it can be adjusted as far as it took depending upon requirement and user. To use Tuitalk you need to download an application so called “ Softphone” which lets you dial to number. Tuitalk is not offering free calls but the brand, company or what ever advertising on your softphone at the time when you call will pays your bill to Tuitalk. Furthermore, you require submitting your information about your area of interest, geographical profile at the time of registration so based to those information ads will appear. There are lots of advertisers on Tuitalk for different corner of world.

Moreover, enjoy making free International calls around 40 countries including India. This International calls will be for 10 minutes each day.

Steps of making free calls to India Using Tuitalk.

1. Register Your Self On Tuitalk.
2. Activate your account by filling and selecting extended profile.
3. Then download the application.
4. After login to application you can free VoIP minutes.
5. To call India the format should be something like (00+Country+Code+Number)
6. Bear small advertisement and then your call will be connected.

Conclusion: If you are looking to call India then Tuitalk is a good option but not a last.

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