There are different ways of making free calls but it all ends after certain period of time unless you have the right information to choose or make it unlimited. Today we are going to discuss about a method which lets you do unlimited free calls for limitless period of time. Zenofone is a voip service provider which uses to offer a great referral system if you use can able to use efficiently then may be you can go on doing free calls as long as you want. The referral system is quite simple, if you are already using this service and you manage to go further and suggest your friend about this service and then he convince and choose to signup then you will get 99 cent free which added on your balance.

If you manage to do it well then you can easily acquire at least the amount of bonus that should be sufficient for a month. It is a great plan because they not only pay you 99 cent when your friend signup’s but your friend also get 60 minutes of free calls and it’s also quite enough to test the service.

The only saddest part is that you cannot sign up without any invitation. But if you are already a member or may be any of your friends then you can tell him to invite you. Just CLICK to redirect yourself to invitation page.

Read Some Benefits Provided By Zenofon:

1. Enjoy approximately 1 hour of free calls after registration.
2. Enjoy 99 cent of unstoppable referral bonus.
3. A referred person will get 24.25 cent.
4. Get extra 10% split if someone you referred recharge his account.
5. In addition if you will refer someone then you will get 1 cent for that.

Most Important: This offer is just for short period of time and if it expires then you only get normal referral amount which is just 5 cent. So don’t you wait more, hurry up and start referring or get referred.