How beneficial is it to have a Viber for Blackberry?
Have you ever wanted to connect with everyone with your Blackberry? With the different types of phones available in the market such as the iPhone, the Smartphone and the Blackberry, it has become imperative to have a common platform for talking to any phone in the world. The Viber for BlackBerry is unique from most software for mobiles, as it allows a person to talk to anyone using any type of phone or phone application.

What are the advantages of having a Viber for BlackBerry?

The best part about this sort of software is that it seamlessly locates the list of contacts that are on the cell phone. The cell phone number is located as the Viber identity. This is available in Beta version too for all phones. The Viber for BlackBerry is available for WP7 phones too, in its complete version. This is quite a difference from being previously available for Android and iPhone users. Imagine being able to share photos, messages and other information to other Viber users for free.

viber for blackberry

Viber for BlackBerry

What are the current disadvantages of the Viber for BlackBerry?

Currently, the Viber for BlackBerry does not support voice calls. But, there are plans for installing such as it slated to be available for all users in the coming months. Apart from this it is possible that the software is one of the most interesting apps for phones today.

What is the popularity of the Viber for BlackBerry?

It has been estimated that there are over 70 million users around the globe for the Viber for BlackBerry software. Of these it is estimated that over 40 million are active in sending messages every day and over 1 billion send messages regularly in the month. To add to these numbers, one can expect an additional 200,000 people using the software for the first time. According to the claims of the software, it is expected that the Viber is one of the fastest growing mobile messaging and VoIP companies.

The Viber media is one of those companies that are actively chasing one of the leading companies like Skype in its core software challenges such as calling for free, texting, and sharing photos. Even other applications for mobile phones are in direct competition with the Viber for BlackBerry. We have also written about Talkatone For Blackberry.

So, don’t hesitate to take one of the world’s best quality mobile communications platforms that offer the ability to have HD quality phone calls, photo messages and texting.  It is the belief of the CEO and founder of the Viber platform to provide all its users an opportunity to use the Internet to avail of the best quality features. Most of the other features of the Viber platform are being introduced after ensuring that they meet strict quality standards.

Don’t hesitate to look up the additional features that are planning to be introduced by the company in the future. With additional features being demanded the company that is so eager to please, will certainly ensure that no stops are pulled to get the best for Viber for BlackBerry users.

How To Download Viber For BlackBerry?

You need to download Viber APK for BlackBerry to use it on your BB device. Just search for Viber free APK on leading search engine and enjoy it.