As much as he though operators, the user tends, naturally, to amortize its data flat rate , whether fixed connection as in Mobile, and of course, that the operators do not make as much fun if above stop putting money in the voice service because service users use VoIP . A common feature of all VoIP services is the need for registration, a requirement that everyone assumed and that, today, is no longer a barrier to entry, however, has entered the scene a new application that simplifies the access to VoIP services .

Viber , entering the stomping scene is a new service-oriented VoIP mobile , ie comes stomping on land mines planted. The idea of the application is simple, make calls using the data connection (3G) phone (usually a flat rate), thus avoiding the traditional phone service. So far, nothing new, virtually the same service that could offer Skype or VoipBuster , however, one aspect that makes Viber is different.
Viber VoIP Service For Mobile
To use Viber, you only have to install the application (available now for iPhone but also soon be Android ), just that. There are no associated registration process . After installation, the application will use the phone book to see if there are other users of the service, to which they add a service logo tab on the agenda, so they are easily identifiable.
Viber VoIP Service Free

Like any VoIP service, calls to system users are free therefore hopefully encourage their users to use the service contact and be spared some money and further squeeze flat rate data or Wi-Fi, since it works via this route. A very interesting application to make calls at zero cost.

And of course, if Skype would not put anything easy traders , many of them blocking the service, it is strange to think that, unfortunately, this application comes with their days numbered . While not guaranteeing a neutral network , users are at the mercy of some operators who decide which applications can and can not be used, as in the case of VoIP or P2P .