The searches of free International Calling are increase at great rates. People are getting aware of free calls using Internet (VoIP calls) and on other hand it also increases the Internet users. The companies are very much aware of this fact and that’s the reason they always use to come up with different kind of free offers to promote there services over Internet. Similar like different service providers there is also a name called VoIP Wise. It’s a free International calling services that is offered by the most known VoIP provider BETAMAX. It use to come up with many VoIP services categories by different names and each with new features that use to hit Internet quite well.

VoIP Wise is a free application what can be downloaded to make free calls similar like Skype or Yahoo Messenger. Simple application than can be easily handled by any newbie.

Read the below given Instruction To use Free VoIP Services Effectively.

1. You initial move should starts from registering yourself in VoIP Wise official site. Download the application provided by that site.
2. Next you needed to figure out some hardware such as your adequate Internet Speed, see that your headphone along with good micro phone is attached with your computer. It is good preparation to make free and unlimited National, International PC to PC calls with your friends and family.
3. But if you are looking to call from PC to mobile than you need to pay charges set by VoIP Wise which is quite cheap as compare to many service providers.
4. Apart from all those above mention information regarding VoIP Wise one this is to be sure that the free International calling service is last longer up to only 90 days. After that each call will charged as per terms and service that you have or will purchase by VoIP Wise.

Conclusion: Wise VoIP is a BETAMAX service offering 90 days of free International calling for single signup. Being frank it doesn’t sound so bad at all. In addition it also offer cheap SMS’s at the rate lower then 0.030 / EUR. A list of Unlimited Free Calls which covers all the famous destinations.

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