Voipian – Free PC Phone & 1 Cent Cheap Voip Calls To 60 Countries

Voipian is one voip phone software services that lets you make Long Distance and cheap voip calls as low as 1 cents over the internet to the U. S and worldwide. This is just about downloading the Voipian client and start with the service. It has been made incredibly easier for the user to make the calls using Voipian service.

It has so many features such as no contracts, no monthly fees, no setup fees, no minimums, transparent fees, caller ID, Call forwarding, 3 – Way calling, Great audio quality and free software. These features are completely made for the ease of the user.

Voipian has amazed the United States of America and rest of world by offering 1 cent calls to the U. S. And 60 more countries including:

* Andorra

* Argentina

* Australia

* Austria

* Bahamas

* Belgium

* Brazil

* Brazil Rio De Janeiro

* Brazil Sao Paolo

* Brunei Darussalam

* Canada (+mobile)

* Chile

* China

* Croatia

* Cyprus

* Czech Republic

* Denmark

* Estonia

* Finland

* France

* Germany

* Greece

* Guadeloupe

* Hong Kong (+mobile)

* Hungary

* Iceland

* Ireland

* Israel

* Japan

* Jordan

* Korea South

* Latvia

* Liechtenstein

* Lithuania

* Luxembourg

* Macao

* Malaysia

* Martinique

* Monaco

* Netherlands

* New Zealand

* Norway

* Panama

* Peru

* Peru Lima

* Poland

* Portugal

* Puerto Rico (+mobile)

* Romania

* Singapore

* Slovakia

* Slovenia

* Spain

* Sweden

* Switzerland

* Taiwan

* Thailand

* United Kingdom

* United States (+mobile)

* Venezuela

The Voipian Superdeal:  1 Cent per Call Offer

You just need to download the Voipian Client on to your system, buy credits and get going with this plan. This is one of the best rates offered by Voipian to call the to US, Spain, Singapore etc. By opting this plan, you can save a lot of money which you currently spend over the calls that you make to the above mentioned countries So what are you waiting for, your beloved and close one is waiting for your cheap call to the USA and all over the world.

There are certain requirements for using Voipian which will allow you to make cheap calls to the U. S. Requirements like;  PC running Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 30MB free disk space, Windows Operating System (e.g. Windows XP, Windows Vista), Full duplex Sound Card, Headset with Microphone, Broadband Internet Connection.


Now with the help of Voipian, you can make cheap calls to the U. S and above mentioned countries. Also, there are many new services like SMS, which are going to be introduced by Voipian. Overall, this VOIP service makes it easier for the user to make cheap voip calls.