VoXox2 Free Video Conference Calling Plans

VoXox has re launched itself with many new features, that enhances overall graphic user interface. The rich graphics and easy to understand modules makes it a very good experience, but why are we talking about the superficial features of VoXox? Well, this is just one of the best things about VoXox. It has many things to offer which I am going to elaborate as we go ahead.

So lets start,

VoXox has re launched itself with its new version VoxOx2. Some of the salient features are free voice calls, enhanced free video calls, text messaging, Instant messages, Email, file sharing & last but not the least fax service, just think of the communication ways and it is there all bundled up in a user friendly pack.

What basically differentiates VoXox from others is there commitment to give ultimate benefit to the users and leave a profound effect on them.

VoXox2 Free Video Calling

Among their best feature is that of “Free Video Calling”. The makers of the application have sure kept in mind the user friendliness of the program. And believe from the first look itself it glues your eyes to it.

Let us see what are the pros of the VoxOx2 free video calling service?

1) It mingles well with all other free video calling and conferencing platforms available in the market.

2) Now you can see two buddies or business partners all at once and plan for party or negotiate important deals.

3) VoxOx2 free video calling application can configure your existing webcam, hence no extra money spent on buying a webcam.

4) It is easily setup with Mac as well as windows.

VoXox2 Personal Assistant

VoXox2 brings with a bang the VoXox personal assistant. This feature ensures that whatever you do will be made customized according to your personal taste and that your callers will also feel comfortable calling you. The personal assistant helps them by either leaving a message, call you directly or just send a fax message. It makes you feel that you are in total control of your calls. Other features are Eavesdrop or call Screening.

VoXox Conference Calling

Now it is possible to connect more people to your conference calls. It is easy to get at least 3 people to join in a conference call. You can join at the most 20 people in the call with just a click and you are in a deep discussion with your colleagues.

VoXox Unlimited calling plans

Yes dear you are reading right!!! VoXox2 has plans that will take the breathe away from you, talk and talk till you are suffocating for the words to say to your caller. In all you will get free credits for calling when you login.

Unlimited Canada & USA calling plan or US & Canada plan

With just a small amount per month you can make unlimited calls to mobile and landlines. Just sign up and you can pay 2.45$ a month and get the unlimited package open for you. Whether you are in any part of US or Canada just Login and be in touch with your pals in Kansas, Mississippi, Sanfransisco or Montreal, Seattle just to name a very few.

For new users you can login and get started for Unlimited calls between USA and Canada.

But for those who are already users, they can download the new beta VoxOx. (version 2.0.5) release and buy the plan to enjoy the free communication.

Cheap worldwide calling plans to Landline & Mobile Phones.

Among the other super features that VoXox2 provides is Cheap Unlimited calling plans to landlines and some selected mobile phones in select countries.

The unlimited cheap and lowest rates packed with the state of the art technology makes calling a very enjoyable experience.

Currently VoXox is providing this service to about 51 countries among them is mostly landlines but a substantial no of mobiles too.

Some of the countries are listed below

Unlimited mobile calling plans to Bangladesh, Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, United States and Venezuela.

Other Countries where unlimited calling plans are applicable to landlines only are Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungry, Ice land, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States…..to name a few.

What adds to the VoxOx credibility is that there is no binding term with these plans so you can modify them or delete them as and when you want. The plans are made to charge for a monthly period.

So login quickly to avail the facilities of the unlimited worldwide calling plans from your pc to Landlines and mobile phones.

If all the above plans are not suited to your needs and you are not of those types that bind themselves to particular calling plan.

You can automatically set to a plan that you can pay as go on calling with VoXox credits. Moreover VoXox provides you with some free VoXox credits so that you can try the facility up to your satisfaction.

Other add-on features with VoXox.

Some of the new features that I was fascinated to see are the Find Me, Ring Back, Visual Voicemail, Hold Music, CallBack, SMS CallBack ..

Service that enable your friends to track you; also you can manage who can get in touch with you and on what no. With Ring Back customize who listens what ring tone in your contacts. Visual Voicemail enables you to see as well as listen to your messages in the manner you want. When you keep someone on Hold they will never mind it as they will be listening to some of the favourite tunes that you can play for them, keeping on hold some one has never been so amusing to your callers before.

The feature I liked very much is the Call Back and SMS CallBack feature. You can link your cell or mobile to your desktop or PC and receive the calls on your cell phone. For those businessmen who travel a lot and use SMS. The SMS CallBack provides for them cheap rates as for Sending SMS as if they were in their Home territory. Be it any where in Europe Or United States the facility is for you.

For More details just click In the http://www.voxox.com/voice_feature.php