The importance of International calls tends to be increasing periodically. Every new increment in technology makes International calls more effective, qualitative and cheaper. Though there is various ways to make cheaper and free international calls many of us still sticking with regular phone to makes international calls.  If you are a regular callers to the countries like Sweden, USA, Canada, UK and USA, and you are playing huge amount of money in your mobile bills then you are definitely mission something every important.

There are more then thousand of new people come on internet every day. Majority of them don’t even know about befits like making free international calls using PC TO PHONE CALLS. Making international calls to the countries like US you don’t even need to pay a penny. Using this blog you can make free international PC TO PHONE CALLS.

Read the below mention steps properly in order to make free international calls over 50 different countries. (Remember: In many places you can only enjoy free landline.) Using a Betamax Service called You can also find different calls rates and list of free calling countries by visiting official site.

Follow The Steps To makes Free International Calls Using WebCallDirect

Over here are up to utilizing a free trial calls which last longer to 5 minutes. But You can make unlimited international calls. If you want to make pc to phone calls then use an application called Softphone or else you are looking to make free phone to phone calls then you need to use SIP.

So Let’s get started To Make free International Calls.

  1. Your steps initiate by visiting the official site
  2. You will find a downloading link of an application softphone.
  3. Download that application and install it.
  4. Then you need to signup for WebcallDirect. You will find a link at right site of page in light greet rectangular box. (Doesn’t require registering using softphone).
  5. Now fill the form mentioning your email id.
  6. Go to inbox and verify your email ID.
  7. Start Softphone Application and Click on FILE->LOGON AS ANOTHER USER -> Fill the detail like username and password.
  8. After getting log in entire any number of a destination you want to call.
  9. By clicking green button you can triggered your call and by pressing red one you can end it.

10. If by change you get a message where is says that you don’t have enough credit then at this time you can assume that free calling of either mobile or landline is not present at that particular destination.

So, after taking to 5 minutes your trial time will be over and your call will be discounted. But panic, you can make another account which makes takes hardly 5 sec and you can makes again free calls. Many times we don’t need to talk long time. Just a couple of minutes are enough. At that point of time you can save our money. But apart form that when you really looking to save your money then you will definitely enjoy doing.

Conclusion: This post if just one more idea to make free international calls, If you don’t like this style of making free international calls then try other way present in this blog or you will find later.