As announced on its official blog , Line has introduced its new version which includes as some new features to make calls from any computer. As of now, with the new ‘app’ Line can make free calls from PC. Only you need to have an internet connection.

As explained in the blog: “You can call your family friends from PC to PC and PC to ‘smartphone’ (iPhone or Android). If you receive a call while connected to your PC and smartphone at the same time receive notification of the incoming call on both devices. Simply choose between answer from either. ”

Currently, WhatsApp does not allow calls or from mobile or from a PC. The closest is WebsApp, a web application that lets you send free messages from your computer to smart phones that haveĀ  WhatsApp . This tool has taken advantage of the popularity that is taking the ‘app’, known for thousands of users, and is intended to be used only for smartphones.

Proliferate ‘apps’ to call free
Today, almost everyone has mobile users increasingly opting for a ‘smartphone’ with an associated data plan. This has led to more and more users choose to use applications to call and send free SMS to other devices via the Internet. Something I have noticed the main operators.

Besides Line , there are other platforms to make free calls from your mobile phone or even your computer. Among the best known include Skype, VoIP, Yuilop, Pinger or Viber.

Yuilop highlighted in the mobile market that allows you to call and write to any number without having installed the application, and also without having internet . The connection works, albeit slower than an ordinary call, and that the communication is free, the application includes an advertisement that is a little annoying.

WhatsApp crashes Line Now also allows free calls from PC