Yahoo Voice – Free calls And Low Cost calls From your PC


Today we will go through one of the biggest voip providers in the world.

Yahoo Voice is one of the biggest players in free and low rate calls from PC.

First let us discuss about Free PC to PC Calls From Yahoo.

How to Call Free from PC To PC With Yahoo?

1) To call from PC To another PC With Yahoo, Download Yahoo messenger first

2) Register your account with them.

3) Invite your friends, relatives to talk with them unlimited.

4) Just press call button in your Yahoo Messenger to free call unlimitedly to your friends.

5) Free PC-to-PC calls are unlimited and the quality is so good that you will not believe it’s free. PC-to-PC calling is currently available in the following versions of Yahoo! Messenger: XP (9.0 Beta), XP (8.1), Vista, Mac.

6) You can also receive voicemail if your friend is not available. You can also receive voicemails from friends who miss you when they try to call. Voicemail messages are delivered as attachments in email to the address you choose.

How To make Phone/Mobile Calls From your PC With Yahoo Messenger & Yahoo Voice Service?

Sign up with Yahoo! Voice Phone Out account to make calls from Yahoo! Messenger to your friends’ regular or mobile phones worldwide for as low as 1¢ a minute. Please check their callings rates to worldwide.

Their initial rates start from as little as 1¢ to call phones in the U.S. Get started for as little as $10 prepaid credit (for calls to the U.S., that will hold you over for up to 1000 minutes!).

To call someone on your messenger list with a phone number listed, click first on that person’s name, then the phone icon and finally “Call (Person’s) computer.” You’ll hear a ring, they’ll answer and the call starts. When you’re done, click “End Call.”

To call someone while the two of you are having IMing, just click the phone icon above the conversation window in yahoo messengers. To call someone who’s not on your messenger list, type the computer phone number in the “Type a Yahoo ID” bar above the messenger list.

Things to remember When dialing, always remember to include the area code and/or country code (even when you’re calling someone local).

Yahoo Allowed free Calls During Diwali In India.

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